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Residential Services

  • Market Assessments
  • Mortgage & Title Insurance Assistance
  • Marketing strategies to help sell your property
  • Staging Recommendations for better home appearance
  • Shop/Buy items to help with house interior appeal
  • Suggestions for improving house curb appeal
  • Contact/ meet with vendors, craftsman, property representatives to discuss providing products and services that will aid in the selling of your property
  • De-cluttering help
  • Provide other reasonable services to aid and facilitate the sale
DHG Realtor Residential

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home the Real Estate market (especially in the Northeast) can be very frustrating and confusing. You hear or read one thing on the news and another from a broker. Disappointing bids and countless showings for the seller, outbid or out priced and frustrating mortgage terms and conditions for the buyer.

In 2020 the residential real estate market is robust and good for both buyers and sellers. The U.S. economy is strong, people feel more secure about their jobs and the longevity. of continued employment. Interest rates are low and mortgage lenders are ready to lend. All good factors for the buyer.

On the seller side, available housing inventory is still low, thereby limiting competition and increasing your chances of a quick sale. Good for the seller.

Today’s real estate transactions however are complex and involve several moving parts. A residential Real Estate sale is governed by multiple federal, state and local agencies, laws, rules and regulations. If you require a mortgage, these laws, rules and regulations become even more complex and burdensome. And even though all of this is done in an effort to protect the buyer, that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt. For example; if you are the seller, how do you know you are priced right and are accepting the best offer. Unfortunately, too many Real Estate agents are more interested in their commissions and a quick sale then in helping you get the best price. Agents may encourage you to lower your price or accept a lower offer so the y can move to the next sales.

As the buyer, how do you know you transacted the best deal you could? Are you getting the best mortgage rate, and not paying for things you don’t need?

This is where we come in. DHG Realty Group works for you. Whether a buyer or seller we will help ensure that you make the best transaction possible.

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