New Investment Opportunity

Ground Floor Opportunity:

New Home Construction

Palm Beach County Florida!

September 8, 2020

DHG Realty Group has partnered with an experienced Real Estate developer in Florida.

Every now and then, a certain opportunity arises where the astute businessperson can reap very sizable profits. 


DHG Realty Group has formed a venture partnership with an experienced East Coast Real Estate developer.

This is a ground floor opportunity to earn:

  • A minimum of a 50% return on your investment
  • Your entire principal investment returned
  • Initial investors will receive additional consideration on future projects greater than what will be offered to new first time investors. (this is only being offered to investors in this project). Future projects will have a lower rate of return.

Project Plan:


It is understood that this newly created venture must initially demonstrate its abilities and capabilities and establish a “track record”. Our initial project will start off with building two single family residences in the Loxahatchee & Acreage community of Palm Beach county, Florida. The homes will be priced well within the current market range of comparable homes in the area.

We then intend to acquire a minimum of 3 – 5 additional sites for inventory and immediate future development. Predicated upon this success we will seek larger potential developments, in the 50 – 250 unit range.

This is a very hot area. The New York Times in its September 6, 2020 Real Estate section Identifies Palm Beach County as one of the most popular places to live. It says, “Demand is Outrageous”.

Vacant land prices are increasing almost daily. In order to achieve our projected profits, it is crucial that we move quickly to avoid paying higher prices for the land reducing our profits or raising our prices.


Actual construction will be done by a well-known area builder and developer who possess vast experience and knowledge in the real estate and construction industry.

The opportunity: This is a private placement opportunity. We are seeking $175,000.00 cash investment with balance provided by an institutional lender at traditional /market rates. Individual Investments start as low as $10,000.00 and are available in $5,000.00 increments.

Raised Capital will be used to fund this project only. Funds will be used to purchase two lots and construct to houses on described property.

Funds will be used to pay for, but not limited to:

  • Land Parcels
  • Permits, inspections, approvals
  • Title examinations
  • Filing fees
  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Architect fees
  • Building materials
  • Contractors
  • Real Estate Commissions

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  • 877-363-8014

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