Dennis H. Goodhart

For the past 15 years Dennis Goodhart owned and operated an independent technology and thought leadership consulting company. He is an accomplished business professional and has earned a reputation as a trusted resource and problem solver to global executives and decision makers. During his career he has devised and delivered innovative workable cost effective state-of-the-art business technology solutions to many major financial companies, Fortune 500 companies, retailers, Education and Health care institutions.

Dennis was both a member and an elected board member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC), an advisory council board member to the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Real Time Communications Lab, a member of several industry advisory groups and consultant liaison programs. He has chaired education sessions on Communications and Emerging Technologies. He is a member of the IEEE, has had several published articles and has been interviewed on talk shows.

Real Estate Experience

It seems Dennis was bound for a career in Real Estate, even if it did take a detour. 

Very early on in Dennis’s career he worked for a residential retail broker, took several Real Estate and Real Estate law classes in college and worked for a wholesale land broker selling large tracts of land subdivided into individual home plots.

It was during this time that Dennis learned and gained first hand knowledge in: negotiating buy & sell agreements, deeds, ownership, encroachments, encumbrances, right of way, deeds, restrictive covenants, liens, perk tests, septic systems, leaching fields and many of the terms and conditions that go into the successful sale or purchase of Real Estate.

Once he made the decision to exit tech and re-enter the real estate market, he spent the past few years working with real estate professionals in the areas of sales, financing, and law to bring himself current on the latest real estate trends and market conditions. Dennis has also been involved in several personal real estate transactions both as the buyer and seller.

Dennis believes that by leveraging his past and current knowledge, personal real estate experience and what he has learned in successfully conceiving, managing and completing complex business transactions that he has the underlying foundation to be a successful Real Estate Agent/Consultant in advising prospective residential and commercial buyers and sellers the best way to market and sell their properties.

In addition to helping residential buyers find their dream house and commercial buyers find just the right property, Dennis will be assembling small Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in smaller multi-use buildings that are in need of upgrades and renovations. Through the money raised from the REIT, each building will be upgraded and either sold, rented and managed or turned into condos.

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