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Dennis H. Goodhart

Commercial & Investment Certified

Dennis Goodhart is a well-seasoned and accomplished business professional. With over 40 years of experience in business technology. He has earned a reputation as a trusted resource and problem solver to global executives and decision makers of many Fortune 500 and financial companies, retailers, higher educational institutions and health care services providers.

Early in Dennis’s career he worked for a residential retail broker in Flushing Queens. Upon completing several Real Estate and Real Estate law classes in college, Dennis worked for a wholesale land broker selling large tracts of land subdivided into individual home plots in the Poconos and Adirondack Mountains.

It was during this time, Dennis gained firsthand knowledge and hands on experience in real-estate transactions including following:

  • working with local and state municipalities
  • negotiating buy & sell agreements
  • deeds
  • encroachments, encumbrances
  • right of way and restrictive covenants
  • liens
  • perk tests
  • wells
  • septic systems and leaching fields

Terms and conditions that go into the successful sale or purchase of residential, and developmental commercial Real Estate.

Once he made the decision to exit tech and re-enter the real estate market, he formed the DHG Realty Consulting Group and spent two years working with real estate professionals in the areas of sales, financing, and law to bring himself current on the latest real estate laws and market trends. As principal of the DHG Realty Group, Dennis collaborated with financial firms to review potential default mortgage buyouts, investors and developers. He managed an NYC Brownstone residential conversion, raised capital for a new multi-home residential development, and transacted several personal real estate dealings both as the buyer and seller.

Upon receiving his New York State and Connecticut Real Estate licenses Dennis has been working with Grand Lux Realty in Westchester County, NY, where he is the Director of Business Development and Growth. Grand Lux Realty is one of the region’s largest independent family owned Real Estate brokerages. Dennis has recently completed a Commercial Real Estate and investment certification course.

Dennis believes that by leveraging his past global business and real estate experience he is in an excellent position to advise prospective residential and commercial buyers and sellers the best way to maximize their dollar value of their transactions, whether it is buying, selling or investing.

Dennis would to happy speak with you about your current and future Real Estate needs. Albeit listing your current home, buying you first home or assembling a Real Estate portfolio between the DHG Realty Group and Grand Lux Realty he is the right person to help you make these important decisions.

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