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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Consulting

DHG Realty Group

DHG Realty Group provides personalized and custom Real Estate associated consulting services for both Residential and Commercial properties.

We work with a proven network of Real Estate industry professionals and others to provide you with the best service to help you expedite your Real Estate transaction.

DHG Realtor Residential


DHG Realty Group works for you. Whether a buyer or seller we will help ensure that you make the best transaction possible.

DHG Realtor Commercial


Helping our commercial clients invest and install the right technology to make their buildings more desirable.

Dennis H. Goodhart

Dennis believes that by leveraging his past and current knowledge, personal real estate experience and what he has learned in successfully conceiving, managing and completing complex business transactions that he has the underlying foundation to be a successful Real Estate Agent/Consultant in advising prospective residential and commercial buyers and sellers the best way to market and sell their properties.

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